High School Outreach

Faculty in the Media Arts Department at Pierce College work closely with local high schools to develop and offer classes that serve both high school and college student needs. Some of the classes offered are in cinema, journalism, and media arts.

High schools that are working with the Media Arts Department are El Camino Real High School, Canoga Park High School, Daniel Pearl, a journalism magnet school, Taft High School and Granada Hills.

High school students receive college credit for these courses.

Pierce College’s Media Arts Department high school outreach efforts were featured in an NBC news report (above) that focused on Canoga Park High School’s Building Assets Through Integrated Technology program. Pierce College offers several media arts classes at the Canoga Park campus, allowing high school students receive college credit for courses. Classes offered include video editing, journalism classes and photography classes.


Community Outreach

Each semester, media industry experts are invited to speak to Pierce College faculty, students and the community about their disciplines. Speakers have included Huell Howser, host of “California’s Gold;” Bill Plaschke from the Los Angeles Times; Chris Ledesma, the music editor for “The Simpsons,” a public radio professionals, an animation artist from Disney and Hasbro and the creator of “Phineas and Ferb.”

The Media Arts Department and Pierce College have also been host to a Photojournalism Day where photography experts and professionals visited with students and conducted portfolio reviews.